Admin Bar Colors

Cusmin gives you many options for setting admin bar colors to match your brand.

Background Color

Set admin bar color with Cusmin background color option. Transparent WordPress icons will automatically adjust to a new color, so changing just one option of your admin bar will make the look of your admin bar much better.

Background color example 1

Background color example 2

Background color example 3

Text Color

You can change the default white admin bar text color with this option. We recommend using this option in combination with the background color option to match your brand.

Change admin bar text color with Cusmin

Context Menu Background Color

This will change the dropdown menu background color.

Change context menu background color

Context Menu Background - Under Logo Color

If you want to keep the default WordPress context menu under WordPress logo (or your custom logo), you can be able to change the background color of the menu. But why would you want to keep this WordPress help menu? With Admin Bar Editor, you can change the links in the menu with your custom links and with this color option in can be customized to fit your needs.

Change context menu background color

Context Menu Text Color

Change the text color in context menu with this option

Custom context menu text color

Context Menu Text Hover Color

Change the text color in the context menu on mouse over.

Content Menu Item Background Hover Color

Change the background color of a context menu item on mouse over.

Change background hover color on context menu item

Icon Color

Change WordPress admin bar icon colors

Change admin bar icon colors

Icon Hover Color

Change the icon colors in admin bar on mouse over.

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