Login Form Settings

These are additional settings that can help you to customize login page form

Transparent Login Form Box

Remove the default box around login form. This is especially useful if you have a custom login background. The login page looks beautiful after using this setting. It becomes very easy to create a super good looking login page using just a couple of options combined:

WordPress login page with custom background and transparent login form made by Cusmin
Login page with transparent form box

Round Box Corners

This option will round login form box corners

Rounded corners of the WordPress login form made by Cusmin
Round the login form box corners

Round Box Corners Size

Use this option to define your custom rounding size

Change Login Form Position

In some cases, you would probably like to change the position of the login form box. You can use this option to move the login form box to the left or right or to keep it in center.

We needed this option for our Cusmin demo page because we didn't want to show the form over the logo in the background image

Changed login form position to the left with Cusmin
Move the login form box on side with Cusmin

Custom Text/HTML Inside the Login Form Box

You can add your custom content inside the login form box, above the input fields. We used this option on Cusmin Demo page to add the title inside the box as well as information about credentials. You can use it to add any HTML, including images and even videos, you'll get a WYSIWYG editor for that.

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