What is Cusmin?

Cusmin is premium plugin for WordPress specialized for branding admin panel and login page. It contains various features for admin panel management like options for hiding or changing page elements, admin menu manager, admin bar manager, dashboard manager and other options for changing login page, changing panel colors or adding custom CSS and JavaScript. Cusmin is based on SaaS architecture and you will need a valid license key in order to use it.

How can I get Cusmin?

To start using Cusmin, you will need a valid license key. To obtain license key, please go to Pricing and choose a package you want. After the purchase, you will get an email with a license key and instructions showing how to install Cusmin plugin. Follow the instructions to activate Cusmin and you are then ready to use it.

What is Cusmin configuration?

In Cusmin you can create configurations. A configuration is simply a set of all Cusmin options that can be applied to some group of users. In Cusmin you can have multiple sets of different settings (multiple configurations) and to apply them on a different sets of users. For example, you could create configuration A that will hide admin footer for Editors, and configuration B that will hide admin bar from Subscribers.

Does Cusmin support WordPress multi-site/network environments?

Cusmin currently does NOT support WordPress multi-site/network environments. It can be installed on network but it will NOT work. We will most likely add support for it in Cusmin v2.0 that was planned for the second half of 2017.

Why Cusmin is in Beta?

We have introduced our first beta release in March 2016. We have made a lot of improvements since, and today Cusmin stability is on high level. However, we don't think Cusmin is still mature enough to move it out from Beta. This should not concern you because in case of any issues we will do our best to help you resolve them ASAP.

How to get latest Cusmin version?

First, you need to install any Cusmin package to your WordPress site. You get an email with the instructions and Download button when you buy a Cusmin package. After installing the plugin, go to Plugins page and check for plugin's updates, like you do with any other plugin.

How does licensing work?

Cusmin is licensed on a yearly basis. It includes 1 year of Cusmin service access, Cusmin support and updates. When your license expires, all applied settings on your site will be preserved, and you can keep using your site as usual. You will need to extend your license only if you want to make additional changes to Cusmin settings, access Cusmin support or keep Cusmin up to date.

How many sites Cusmin supports?

We have different packages that support different number of sites. Term "site" is actually a unique domain where your site is installed. If your package gives you 5 sites allowance, you can install the plugin on 5 different domains.

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