Custom admin

Personalized Admin Menu

Customize admin menu to perfection

Admin Menu Editor

  • Rename/hide top/sub items
  • Custom top/sub items
  • Apply capability options
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • Custom menu colors
  • Multiple user configurations
  • Hide icons
  • Hide menu completely (use admin bar instead)

Custom Admin Bar

Reach the full Admin Bar potential

Admin Bar Editor

  • Completely customizable
  • Custom links
  • Hide anything you don't want
  • Custom top/sub items
  • Nested multi-level sub items
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • Custom colors
  • Customizable Profile / Log Out section

Multi-configurations and Security

Absolute freedom when applying settings

High Flexibility

  • Multiple configurations
  • Supports custom groups, users and capabilites
  • Reuse settings on other sites
  • Easy management

Custom Dashboard Widgets

Hide, change or make custom widgets

Dashboard Widgets

  • Hide or customize default WordPress widgets
  • Custom widgets with HTML support
  • Custom colors
  • Widget templates: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS, Instagram
  • Widget templates: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Calendar, Weather

Branding Colors

Apply your brand's colors

Branding Colors

  • Brand buttons, links, background or text
  • Admin menu branding
  • Admin bar branding
  • Login page branding
  • Dashboard widgets and meta boxes

Branded Login Page

Make it look in a way you imagine

Login Page

  • Custom background image
  • Custom branding logo
  • Login box on the left or right
  • Transparent login box
  • Rounded corners
  • Hide/change WordPress links
  • Custom HTML content support

Remove Post Type Meta

Hide post meta boxes and table columns

Meta and Column Settings

  • Hide specific table columns
  • Hide columns from all tables: posts, pages, comments, plugins etc
  • Hide table columns from third-party plugins
  • Hide meta boxes from any post type, even custom or third-party

Our customers ❤ Cusmin

What is the real Cusmin value?

Cusmin is composed of multiple features. This is their value on the market:

Admin Bar Manager$19
Admin Menu Manager$19
Custom Color Theme$24
Login Page Manager$19
Dashboard Widgets Manager$19
Custom Code Support$14
Custom Notifications$18
Columns Admin Pages$15
Admin Page Security$9
Columns and Meta-data Manager$9

That's more than $164 in total.

We give you all of these features in a single plugin for only:

$164 /yr

$49/yr only!

You get even more:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple users sets
  • Ability to sync settings between different sites
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • 160+ customization options
  • Smaller plugins footprint
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable customer support
  • 30 days risk free money back guarantee
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