Custom admin for WordPress

  • "I recommend Cusmin without the slightest hesitation!! I tried different plugins and I think it is the only one that can truly change most of the settings in Admin, with a very user friendly and intuitive interface."
    Kathy - Hong Kong
  • "We've tested several plugins for WordPress admin and dashboard customization, and though all of them had their Pros and Cons, we found Cusmin to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommended for web developers and designers who want to provide their clients with a beautiful, custom and branded back-end WordPress dashboard experience."
    Marie-Berdine Steyn @ MBS Create-Innovate-Inspire
  • "I have tested several free and non-free branding plugins, but Cusmin captured me, and I never got loose"
    developer @
  • "A tool that simplifies WordPress CMS for the simple use"
    Eitan @

Did you know that...

  • Personalized back-end leaves an image of professionalism

  • It increases client's satisfaction by 60% or more

  • Your chances for future collaborations will dramatically improve with a happy client

Personalized Admin Menu

Customize admin menu to perfection

Admin Menu Editor

  • Rename/hide top/sub items
  • Custom top/sub items
  • Apply capability options
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • Custom menu colors
  • Multiple user configurations
  • Hide icons
  • Hide menu completely (use admin bar instead)

Custom Admin Bar

Reach the full Admin Bar potential

Admin Bar Editor

  • Completely customizable
  • Custom links
  • Hide anything you don't want
  • Custom top/sub items
  • Nested multi-level sub items
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • Custom colors
  • Customizable Profile / Log Out section

Multi-configurations and Security

Absolute freedom when applying settings

High Flexibility

  • Multiple configurations
  • Supports custom groups, users and capabilites
  • Reuse settings on other sites
  • Easy management

Custom Dashboard Widgets

Hide, change or make custom widgets

Dashboard Widgets

  • Hide or customize default WordPress widgets
  • Custom widgets with HTML support
  • Custom colors
  • Widget templates: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS, Instagram
  • Widget templates: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Calendar, Weather

Branding Colors

Apply your brand's colors

Branding Colors

  • Brand buttons, links, background or text
  • Admin menu branding
  • Admin bar branding
  • Login page branding
  • Dashboard widgets and meta boxes

Branded Login Page

Make it look in a way you imagine

Login Page

  • Custom background image
  • Custom branding logo
  • Login box on the left or right
  • Transparent login box
  • Rounded corners
  • Hide/change WordPress links
  • Custom HTML content support

Remove Post Type Meta

Hide post meta boxes and table columns

Meta and Column Settings

  • Hide specific table columns
  • Hide columns from all tables: posts, pages, comments, plugins etc
  • Hide table columns from third-party plugins
  • Hide meta boxes from any post type, even custom or third-party

What is the real Cusmin value?

Cusmin is composed of multiple features. This is their value on the market:

Admin Bar Manager$19
Admin Menu Manager$19
Custom Color Theme$24
Login Page Manager$19
Dashboard Widgets Manager$19
Custom Code Support$14
Custom Notifications$18
Columns Admin Pages$15
Admin Page Security$9
Columns and Meta-data Manager$9

That's more than $164 in total.

We give you all of these features in a single plugin for only:

$164 /yr

$39/yr only!

You get even more:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple users sets
  • Ability to sync settings between different sites
  • 1900+ retina WP, Font Awesome and Material icons
  • 160+ customization options
  • Smaller plugins footprint
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable customer support
  • 30 days risk free money back guarantee
  • 95% of the WordPress sites are NOT optimized for their users

  • Stand out from the competition and increase the value you deliver to your clients

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