Cusmin Documentation

Welcome to Cusmin documentation.

Feel free to explore and see what is Cusmin and learn how it can help you customize your WordPress site and improve branding.

What is Cusmin?

Cusmin is premium SaaS plugin for WordPress that helps you to completely customize and brand WordPress admin panel, login page and even front end pages.

It helps you to prepare your site for your customers and clients. You can also use it to improve the look of your own site.

With Cusmin you can customize almost everything including (but not limited to): admin pages, dashboard page widgets, admin menu, admin bar, login page, branding colors, meta boxes, meta table columns, add custom CSS, JavaScript and much more.

Why Cusmin?

Our mission is providing a plugin that can be used for all of your branding needs. We are constantly working on its improvements and Cusmin will become even better in future.

Everything you need for branding is here, and with custom CSS and JavaScript options your site branding process will not have any limitations.

Customer support is included if you need any help with advertised features.

If you need a very specific customizations, our dev team can also help you achieve almost anything you imagine for a very affordable price.

We would like to hear about any feedback from you regarding your ideas for improvement, so we can make it even better.

Cusmin is a complete branding solution, like no other on market, and it can help you brand your site in a way you want for sure!

How it works?

Installation is very easy and it can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. You will need to upload a ZIP archive file to your site only at a first time. Regular update checks will be provided automatically after that.

Cusmin is a SaaS solution and it relies on an external service. You will need a valid Cusmin credentials to access it, so it gives you an extra layer of security, only you will have access to it. Since Cusmin is cloud-based plugin, you will be able to easily import Cusmin settings from other sites with only a couple of clicks! We are planning to introduce many other features that will help you to easily manage multiple sites with Cusmin, keep your customers and clients satisfied and save you a plenty of time for management.


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