General WordPress Admin Options

These are the general settings that are used for dashboard management and customizations. Here are the options:

Hide Screen Options

This option hides screen options from admin panel. Screen options are usually used to toggle widgets on/off, to show/hide meta boxes or set some other visibility settings like a number of posts per page etc. Checking this Cusmin option, WordPress Screen Options will be removed for all users on the site. 

You can see the default screen options on the Dashboard page on the top/right corner of the page:

WordPress Screen Options and Help menu dropdown options
WordPress default Screen Options and Help menus

Hide Help Menu

Help menu shows some useful information for first-time WordPress users, but usually is not very helpful after that and in most cases, you will want to hide it. Use this option to hide Help menu. You can find help menu on the top/right corner of the Dashboard page.

Hide Color Scheme on the User Profile Page

This will hide the color scheme settings on the user's profile page. This setting is useful if you have already used Cusmin Colorizer to specify your own branding colors and you don't want users to see or try to change the WordPress color scheme.

Hide WordPress and 3rd Party Plugin's Admin Notices

When you have many plugins installed, you will probably get some unwanted admin notifications that you don't want to be visible to your users. This option will help you hide all of them. Cusmin notifications that you have created on the Admin tab, will still be visible to your users.

WordPress Admin notification error example showing above the content in the admin dashboard
WordPress Admin Notification Example

Admin Panel Background Image

If you want to add a background image to all admin panel pages, you can use this setting. Your background image will appear in the background of all admin pages. If you use a transparent background image like transparent PNG, you may consider adding a different background color in Colorizer > General > Background like white (#ffffff) instead of the default WordPress gray background color. 

Please use background images with lighter colors in order to preserve good contrast with the content on top of it. If you have used Colorizer to set lighter content (text) colors, you can experiment with the darker background images in that case.

Page Title Template

In some cases, you would want to change the page title structure on admin pages. The default WordPress structure for admin pages titles is:


For Cusmin Settings page it looks something like this:

Cusmin Settings > Cusmin -- WordPress

You can change this structure to any other structure you like, using these tags %PAGE% (page name) and %BLOG% (blog title).

For example, if we use this structure on the same Cusmin settings page:

%BLOG% >> %PAGE%

the page title will look like this:

Cusmin >> Cusmin Settings

Header Image

This option can be used to set an image above all content in the admin panel. The image will show up on all admin pages. 

Shows custom image above the content in the admin dashboard
Custom admin header image

To set the image, you will need to provide a correct image URL. You can upload an image to your WordPress site using Media option in admin menu if you don't have the image already hosted on your server.

Hide WordPress Update Notification

This will hide WordPress update notification that shows up below admin bar when a new version of WordPress is available.

WordPress update notification showing above the Dashboard heading in the admin dashboard
Hide WordPress update notifications with Cusmin

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