Applied Configurations

When you click on Apply button, a set of your Cusmin configuration settings will be applied to your site. We call this Applied Configuration or Cusmin Customization.

You can have multiple customizations applied to the multiple sets of users and it could be sometimes hard to know which settings are applied to which user. That's why we have created Applied Configuration matrix where you can easily see what configurations are applied to which sets of users.

Cusmin applied customizations table, showing all applied configurations with their access rules
Cusmin Customizations Matrix

In this very example we have applied Cusmin configurations Default and Subscribers, so we now have two Cusmin customizations shown in the table. We can also see the list of user matching rules that will be affected by these customizations.

In this very example, the Default customization is applied to a set of rules that define users who are affected by this customization. We have combined all three types of rules here. You can choose any other combinations you like that will match your desired set of users.

Cusmin customizations are applied in the order shown in the matrix. If you have multiple customizations applied to the same user, the latter customization will override the settings from the previous customizations. The maximum number of customization can be less or equal to the maximum number of allowed Cusmin configuration on a particular site.

Deleting Cusmin Customizations

It's quite safe to delete applied configurations because you can always load the same configuration and apply it over again. If you delete applied configuration (Cusmin customization), affected users will not see the customizations applied to them anymore, but you will still have all settings preserved in Cusmin configuration, in case you want to apply the settings again. Deleting Cusmin customization will NOT delete Cusmin configuration and its settings.

When a User is Matched in More than One Customization

In some cases, you could have some of your users matched across multiple customizations. What customization will be applied in that case? As a default, all matched customizations will be applied and combined together. If you have some of the ON/OFF checkboxes applied as OFF in one of them and as ON in another, the latter will be applied. This might not be the right solution for you, so you have a choice between a few options in order to decide which customizations will be applied to the matched user.


Let's presume we have two configurations: Administrators and SuperAdmin with the following Application Matrix

#         Configuration              Applied To
1          Administrators           Groups: Administrator
2         SuperAdmin              User: admin (superadmin@example.com)

Let's have these settings applied:

                                        "Hide screen options"  "Hide help menu"                                  

Administrators                            ON                                    OFF
SuperAdmin                               OFF                                   ON

Apply All Matched

As explained above, this will combine and apply all matched configurations so the final customizations would be that all of the settings that are set are applied:

"Hide screen options" ON
"Hide help menu" ON

Apply Only the First Matched

This will apply only the first matched customization, in this case it would be "Administrators". User will have these settings applied:

"Hide screen options" ON
"Hide help menu" OFF

Apply Only the Last Matched

This option will override all previous customizations and will use only the last matched customization, e.g. "SuperAdmin". User will see these settings applied:

"Hide screen options" OFF
"Hide help menu" ON

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