Cusmin Configuration

In Cusmin for WordPress, you can apply different sets of customizations to different sets of users. We call it Cusmin configuration.

The Default Cusmin configuration is loaded when you use Cusmin for the first time on a site, and it's called simply Default. You can use the Default configuration like any other Cusmin configuration.

So what is actually a Cusmin configuration?

Cusmin configuration contains a set of your settings that can be applied to a set of users. Cusmin configuration can be shared between your sites. In short, every customizations settings that you make will be stored in a cusmin configuration.

You can have multiple configurations on a site, in case you want to apply different customization settings to different sets of users.

Real life example

For example, let's analyze the following requirements:

  1. Change Profile menu for Editors to blue
  2. Change Profile menu for Subscribers to green
  3. Hide Admin bar for both Editors and Subscribers

To make this happen you can choose the following actions:

  1. Create a new Cusmin configuration with name Editors (Make sure that configuration Editors is selected after that)
  2. Set Profile menu to blue, and apply it Editors on General -> Apply Configuration section.
  3. Create a new Cusmin configuration with name Subscribers (Make sure that configuration Subscribers is selected after that)
  4. Set Profile menu to green, and apply it Subscribers on General -> Apply Configuration section.

To hide admin bar for both sets of users you can choose:

a) Check option to hide admin bar in "Editors" and "Subscribers" configurations

b) Since this customization is shared between Editors and Subscribers, you can create a new configuration like "Editors & Subscribers" or "Non admin users" or just use "Default" configuration to apply this customization. In order to do that you can add "Editors" and "Subscribers" groups to General -> Apply Configuration section and make all customizations that will be shared between these sets of users.

Note: You can apply a limited number of configurations per site, depending on the Cusmin license that you have. In order to check how many different configurations can you apply to your site(s) please check our pricing page.

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