Public Facing Configuration

With Cusmin, you can apply customizations to the Login page or even to the public pages. These customizations will be visible to everyone, even visitors that are not registered users with the WordPress site.

In order to help Cusmin decide what configuration will be used for public pages, you need to select any of the available configurations on this site within this option. Only Login page settings and settings that are changing public pages like custom CSS/JavaScript code in Advanced tab will be used in this configuration, if you set it as Public Facing Configuration.

However, it is possible to share the same configuration with another set of users, so if you apply it to e.g. Editors, you can use other settings in this configuration to change admin panel, like admin bar and admin menu settings. This way you will use the same configuration for public pages, and admin-panel facing settings will be applied to Editors.

It is possible to use only one PFC configuration at a time, so all other configurations (even though you set any Login page / public site settings inside of them) will not be applied. This can be useful if you want to have multiple customizations for these pages in different configurations, and to switch between them with this option, if you want to.


In this example, Login page / site pages settings from the Default configuration will be applied.

Option for choosing what is the publicly available customization
The configuration set in this option will be used to apply all its customizations publicly on Login and site pages

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