Admin Bar Editor

With Cusmin Admin Bar Editor, you can completely customize all of the items in it, remove, change or add your own items. This is the list of supported features:

- Hide top/sub items
- Rename top/sub items
- Change the links on the top/sub items
- Reorder top/sub items
- Set custom icons for the top items using Cusmin Icon Picker
- Set custom colors for the icons
- Reorder top and sub admin bar items
- Create nested items inside sub items, with any level of depth
- Change Howdy text
- Remove Howdy text
- Change Edit My Profile text and link
- Hide Edit My Profile option
- Rename Log Out button
- Hide Log Out button
- Add custom link even on the right side contextual menu

Cusmin Admin Bar Editor with options for adding new items, editing or hiding existing items
Admin Bar Editor

Hiding Admin Bar Items

You can hide both top and sub admin bar items clicking on the "eye" button on it

Admin bar editor in Cusmin showing hidden items as disabled
Hiding Admin Bar Items

Editing Admin Bar Items

To edit an item, click on "pencil" icon on that item. This will open the item in edit mode.

Adding New Admin Bar Items

To add new top admin bar items, click on "Add new" button below the Admin Bar Editor.

To add a subitem inside a top item, click on "Add new" button inside that top item

To add a nested subitem inside a subitem, click on "+" icon on that subitem.

Option for adding new admin bar items in Cusmin Admin Bar Editor
Adding New Admin Bar Items

Reset Current Changes

This option will reset all customizations to the last saved. Note that you will need to click on master Apply button in order to preserve changes.

Reset to Defaults

This option will clear all of your admin bar customizations. Use it with caution, and only if you want to customize admin bar from the very start.

Items Reordering

Items can be reordered simply by drag and drop. Cusmin supports drag and drop actions on top items and also on sub-items.

Edit Mode

When you click on "pencil" button on an item, this will show up button in edit mode where you can set its properties. The different number of fields can show up in different contexts, but generally, these properties are used:


This will update the name of the admin bar item. The name can be changed for all top/sub items


This will update the link on your items. This option is almost always available except in some cases, like when you want to edit Log Out button where the link is set automatically.

Choose Icon

This will open icon picker where you can choose from more than 600 icons. Please check Icon Picker for more information.

Icon Color

Icon color is available only when icon option is also available (for top items).

Item editing form of Cusmin admin bar editor
Cusmin Admin Bar Item in Edit Mode

Additional Customizations

You can further customize the admin bar with Colorizer and Cusmin custom code. If you need any other customizing options, that you think Cusmin should have, please let us know and we will consider adding them.

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